Who Am I?

“I don’t know who my grandfather was;
I’m much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

abe lincoln

 I completely understand what ole Abe was saying, but it sure is interesting to find out where my ancestors came from and what they were doing while alive.

Do you know who your Great Grandparents were? How about your Great Great-Great-Grandparents? If you’re like many others, you have no idea where to begin searching for that information, right?

Well, several years ago, I was trying to find a person in my family and came in contact with a website called, www.ancestry.com.  Since they provide access to more database information than any other genealogy search site, I chose them as the tool to do my research. I subscribed to their online program, paying a monthly fee, and my life has been changed because of it.  I ended up finding a few family secrets; now that was a surprise!Abraham lincoln

I started researching one side of my family, which led me to wonder about another side and now I have eight Family Trees online that I am able to build on whenever I feel like it. It’s just amazing how much progress has been made for the genealogical community by creating Ancestry.com. What used to take hours in research at the library can now take minutes. 

Most all of the censuses are online now and that is a huge savings of time.  And to find old pictures and be able to make a copy of military records, marriage certificates and birth and death certificates brings me such happiness!

After subscribing to Ancestry.com, I was hooked on finding out the missing pieces to my family’s history.  How exciting it was to see how I was related to some very famous individuals.  It’s amazing how closely related to one another we really are!

What about you, do you wonder about your bloodline?

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